About Gowlland

Dr. Andrew Fall is the primary architect and developer of SELES, and president and primary researcher in Gowlland Technologies Ltd. His research focuses on tools and methodologies for constructing, running and visualizing spatio-temporal models of landscape dynamics.

He has been collaboratively involved in a variety of landscape modelling projects across Canada and abroad, but with a focus in B.C., that explore long-term spatial forest dynamics and sustainable forest management, such as the impacts of interactions between management and natural disturbance on wildlife habitat and timber supply.

Dr. Fall has intentionally kept Gowlland Technologies Ltd. very small, which has enabled involvement in a wide range of projects related to landscape modelling.

Gowlland Technologies Ltd. was established after I left my role as Research Associate at SFU. This company has allowed me to try to keep one foot in landscape sytems analysis research and another foot in model development and application (not always an easy balance). When having to choose between publishing articles and direct decision support, I have chosen to focus on the latter to help improve landscape management, especially in my home province of British Columbia, Canada.