Our philosophy

We believe in free and accessible software. SELES and SELES models have been provided for free since SELES was first created in the late 1990's. SELES models are transparent and can be modified by anyone with knowledge of the SELES modelling language. We strongly encourage users to share their models freely and hope people voluntarily follow the simple copyleft below. The copyright is meant, in part, to help encourage sharing of models.

Why isn't SELES code open source? It may be one day. The main aspects of the C, C++, YACC and FLEX code that may be of interest to the modelling community, and that may help with any successor modelling platforms, is the code that underlies landscape events and the core discrete-event simulation engine.


All models built using SELES shall be available free of charge and shall not be sold. Time is a valuable resource and it is reasonable to receive compensation for time spent building, modifying and running models. Even though models built using SELES may be seen as assets, models can be copied without significant time and so should be made available for others to use, modify and compare free-of-charge.


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